Join the Big Chair Chess Club Family

Come and embrace the “Think Before You Move-ment” with us!

Whether you just want a shelter from the trouble and turmoil of the world, or you want to learn to play chess, we want you here with us!

When you come to the Big Chair Chess Club, you will find yourself surrounded by friends that understand you and can relate to the things you may be going through. We want to be here to support you and help you in any way we can as you learn to overcome whatever challenges in life you may currently be facing.

If you aren’t interested in learning to play chess, still come and visit us anyway! We could certainly use your help and there’s always plenty of things to do here at the Chess House.

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The Chess house is located at:
331 7th Street N.E.
Hickory, NC 28601

Our phone number is 202.705.3364

See you soon!

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