How can you help?

Together we can make a difference, one move at a time

The Big Chair Chess Club would not be here today if it weren’t for people like you who desire to make a difference in the world!

Our goal to forever change life in the inner city is not an easy undertaking, and since we have chosen to make all of our activities at the Big Chair Chess Club available to everyone without cost, we rely on donations to make our goal a reality.

If you would like to become part of the “Think Before You Move-ment” and help change the lives of children and adults living in the inner city, you can contribute to our cause using the “Support our Cause” form.

Support The Cause

The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization under IRS 501(c)(3). The organization does not receive any support from the government or the U.S. Chess Federation.  Funding comes entirely from supporters who agree that chess is beneficial to children and understand that the organization cannot continue its efforts without money.

Big Chair Chess club in Washington DC
Boy playing chess at the Big Chair Chess Club
Two boys playing chess at the big chair chess club

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