His anti-social behavioral lead to early brushes with Juvenile Justice Law Enforcement, resulting in early incarceration at correctional youth institutions as a teen, and prison times as an adult.

Today, Brown, the Founder and CEO of The Big Chair Chess Club is a father, grandfather, a real estate agent, and mentor to D.C. youths who stop by The Deanwood Chess House, located at 4220 Sheriff Road, NE, as a way to avoid the "Big House" later in life. Eugene Brown believes that having 6 and 7 year olds learn to play chess as one way to set them on the right course.

The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc. was founded and formed to reach the un-reachable, teach the un-teachable and instilling the motive "To Always Think Before You Move". This is the core mission of The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc. at the Deanwood Branch located in the Nation's Capitol. The Organization teaches chess to inner-city children and adults not just as a board game, but also as an application to life skills, such as improving one's concentration and self-discipline.

Members of The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc., team has competed in the National Scholastic Tournament in Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC as well as the Super National Tournament in Kansas City, MI and won trophies. The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc., has trained elementary school students at several schools, including the Kimball Elementary School where they trained and coached the students through seven (7) years of city championships.

The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc., is a non-profit 501 (3) IRS organization. The organization does not receive any support from the government or the U. S. Chess Federation. Funding comes entirely from supporters, sponsors and community who agree efforts without their assistance.

A community activist, Mr. Brown is planning to extend and expand services provided by the organization to include job training and placement, apprenticeship programs for the youth and adults, computer literacy skills, life skills, and after school tutoring. He is presently involved with developing and implementing re-entry programs for youths and adults who are poised for release from prison.

Mr. Brown has received offers for the production of his "life story" from several filming companies. He has appeared on ABC, Up Close, and appeared on radio and other local television programs.

Big Chair Chess Club Inc.
4322 Sheriff Road Northeast
Washington, DC 20019-3737

Eugene Brown uses chess to teach inner-city children a lesson of life he learned the hard way: "To Always Think Before You Move". This has become the mantra for Eugene Brown's philosophy, and a way of life. He knows whereof he speaks.  

Brown started playing chess while he was incarcerated in federal prison following a botched bank robbery. Chess was a good distraction from the dreary routine and depressing world around him.

Born in Washington, DC, Brown is 58 years old. He attended the inner city, District of Columbia Public Schools, where he was diagnosed as requiring social adjustment classes.